Tiny Universes

A Grain of Wheat, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o. Worn paperback tucked between charcoal-painted fingernails. There are pop-up flags on nearly every page, most of them indicating distaste. She finds the writing superfluous; the patronizing educated-African-uncle tone makes the back of her ears tickle. She has argued the case, artfully in her opinion, that his writing is […]

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ancient scripture

how do we exhume the stories that have died under our mothers’ tongues the veiled accusations in each i love you the pleas behind every what time will you be home i’ve watched grandmothers love their men and learned to listen for the whispers between the lines i’ve learned that this [black] love we worship so often relies on […]

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i could write pages and pages of poetry to capture the breadth of this thing talk of what we spar and laugh about for hours on hours on hours on hours i suppose i could soliloquise about this thing about the depths of learning and unlearning and with that i could say just how light and heady […]

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le cul entre deux chaises

the thing that hits you first is the smell a thickness i don’t know whether it’s the trees the collective breath of insects the alchemy of the Sun and Its people what i do know is it’s different here on cue my bones are denser my skin browns and sizzles my lips fuller glistening home […]

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