For Girls That Are Hard To Love

You, with the gated mind.
Your caged words hurtle around corners
And barrel through the stop signs you impose at every turn.
You survey yourself,
And the disgust weaves quilts around your energy.
Gathering strength from the warmth of your skin,
It feeds on you, draws from you,
Until it’s a pulsating aura of negativity.
“Maybe I’d be easier to digest as a memory.”
It turns inwards,
Because the fences you’ve built around your being won’t
Let them out.
They too are weak.
Tired from your heart’s efforts to love you, its words
Burst out and lodge themselves
In the ears of anybody who tries to hold you.
They leave exit wounds and you don’t let them heal.
You with the bruised soul.
They see the sunshine in your smile, blinding them from the
Darkness behind your eyes,
The deep wells waiting to be seen.
To be asked.
To be freed.
You with the stretch marks.
You twist in the mirror and the hot, acidic tears burn on the
Lines of your story.
You want to scald your evidence away.
You watch him watch her,
And each time he smiles, you wonder if he wishes his hand
Was on her unblemished thigh instead.
You pray your hands are soft enough
To make up for the cracks.
I am trying to love you.
Uncertain and unfinished, but it’s all I can give to you.
I will love you hard, I will love you deep,
Until you learn to love yourself.

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