A Poem (for, from, by) The Eternal Lover

My funny valentine, angel, dream:

(crafted behind the sun)

You came,

(glare in my eyes)

Me, looking down

I didn’t see until

Feet before me,

Gifts of purple stardust,

And a gossamer fishing line –

Little hooks made of rare words

Barbed in my skin.

You shifted atmospheres

(bent the rays of the sun)

To present me with –

Brightest tulips

Whitest lilies

Sweetest gardenias


That smelled of grace

(you knew I hated roses)

The moon tides, then

Took their cue from you

And opened,

Covered their earth lover’s

Cracks and spaces,

The wind too, then


And let you stay.

Amidst the world’s unfurling,

Carefully, lips laced with

Bourbon and lust


Heat-stained kisses,

Deep shadows around us

Fed on the electricity,

Home skies watched

As we reworked the concept

Of time,

Whispered histories

(to reflections in car windows)

And the night sky went along with it,

Kept the secret

Of our affections.

This fickle heart buckled,

Changed shape

(it looks like your palm print)

My funny valentine, angel, dream:

I swim in memories

Stayed, imprinted

(like the glitter on hallmark cards).

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