#MasculinitySoFragile | Approach With Emotional Intelligence

Masculinity, is riddled with insecurity. I was minding my own business on Twitter recently, and lo and behold, #MasculinitySoFragile was trending. And the backlash was shocking. A fair percentage of men will see this, feel attacked on a personal level, and rush to yell: “not all men you militant, misandrist feminazi.”
I guess that kind of proves my point.

Masculinity is so fragile they’re blue and called action figures.
Masculinity so fragile little boys don’t share beds during nap time.
Masculinity so fragile, it’s man bag and man bun and bromance and guyliner and tuna mandwich and whatever the hell else.
Masculinity so fragile, they grow up and decide they want social media “meninism”.
A safe space in which to stroke each other’s bruised egos and hurt feelings, where size DOES matter but, everyone’s dick is big so it’s okay.
Where they can talk their misogyny talk, high 5 and kiss each other’s asses.
But I mean, no homo though.
Masculinity so fragile Trump, Bush and co seem to think they have shares in my uterus.
My dress is too short.
My nails are too long.
My voice is obnoxious and my loud laugh makes you uncomfortable.
My ambition is polarising.
My words are emasculating.
And every time I use the word ‘patriarchy’ your balls shrink a little.
Has it ever occurred to you, that your validation need not rest
on my willingness to get on my knees, or worship you.
Masculinity so fragile it’s “pimp”, and “player”,
but we’re slut, whore, bitch, trick, skank, hussy, floozy, gold digger –
So it’s okay for you to bury your wounds in between our thighs but
as soon as your homies catch you slipping then suddenly you’re a pussy?
Masculinity so fragile male privilege is a cool theory, until you’re asked to answer to a female CEO.
Masculinity so fragile a presidential candidate is shredded for her ability to keep a man satisfied.
Masculinity so fragile rape is my fault because well why were you naked what was I supposed to do.
Masculinity so fragile it’s go out in groups, not don’t treat women like disposable play things.
Masculinity so fragile so called rap culture preaches all she is is a stripper to me and fuck bitches get money.
Maybe all you’re hearing right now is blah blah angry black woman, but I need to be angry if I’m going to drown you out.
Because it’s about damn time the patriarchy took several seats, and listened to what we had to say.

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