For You

I was talking to my girlfriends the other night about fuckboys, grad school and coconut oil.
We argued growth and marriage, debated Drake and lipstick,
And when we got to love, one of them whispered: I’ve never felt beautiful.
We turned to her as her words fell slowly, like clouds of sighs and gentle sorrow,
And I felt a thing I’ve never felt before, something that has no name.
It was soft around the edges, but heavy with familiarity,
Translucent, but packed densely with spite, shame and female guilt.
And as I looked at the glow in her chocolate brown skin, her eyes like wishing wells untouched by human greed, I shattered into a million tiny shards.
I looked at her smile full of promises and home, and a Creator who hasn’t quite given up on us yet,
I looked at my friend and realised I was mourning, for the angel who doesn’t recognise her own reflection.
Told over and over again that she isn’t enough, giving and giving and never getting in return,
I saw the lines in her forehead from the silencing of her pain, and the self-imposed crushing of her own soul.
I was mourning because I hate them, the ones that broke her and left her this way, that lied and told her she had to change,
Because of the world’s faulty rulebook and its unwritten laws about how to be perfect.
I was mourning for the lost ones who never spoke up, for the lonely and the angry and the hiding and the tough,
And the acting and the laughing when deep down it feels like they’re splintering with each breath and nobody fucking knows,
I mourn because darling you’re breathtaking.
I’m in awe of your grace.
The bullshit and the propaganda have not made homes in my eyes yet.
I want to pour honey on your back and feed you warm milk, and sit with you until you can feel again,
I want to put flowers in your coils and jewels at your feet and walk with you until you are whole again,
I want the Sun to kiss you on both cheeks and the Moon to take your hands, and lead you through the Stars to Heaven’s gates, and
I want God to take you into Her arms and hold you, and make sure you never forget that you’re Her favourite child.

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