The Complicated Ones.

You may never understand her.

She is chaos personified,
She has alleys in her mind that God has forgotten ever creating,
Detours worn into soft grey matter by her running endless circles,
Losing and finding her reflection every now and again,
Making a big show of self-love while drinking rum backstage, and
Ceremony out of unlearning bad habits, shedding old darknesses,
Lovingly rubbing honey into her cuts and pouring milk onto her bruises,
Even as she refuses your help when she can’t reach the
Wounds on her back, and resents you for asking.

You may never understand her.

She is the strength of history’s relentless beatings,
And the helplessness of changing moon tides all at once,
The sum of her heartbeats and her precarious temperament,
Tempted as you are to omit the uncertain parts of her,
They are why her eyes are so soulful, her skin a map of experience,
Why her words hide truth behind hidden meanings just to exercise you,
Enjoying the way it exhausts you to search for her on her face, but it’s
Exhilarating, learning what she does with her hands when she’s nervous.

You may never understand her.

She is as wild as the tangles in her hair,
As undecided as each individual curl dipping away from attention like a
Frolicking lamb evading the rest of the flock, all carefree and innocent,
But deliberate in its desire to deceive.
She makes her own rules, and breaks them as easily as
Hearts that were never ready for her, old friendships grown too safe,
And wine glasses tumbling from tear-streaked hands when
She remembers people she’s never met are as lost as she is.

You may never understand her.

She is a complex many-layered thing, a puzzle, a game
That she’ll let you win every now and then,
She is a test, with a cheat sheet buried in places you can’t reach until
She lets you, in the veins of her tired neck,
In the arch of her collarbone,
In the hardness of her dominant hand,
In the purple-yellow-greyness of her wandering spirit.

You may never understand her.

But you may never need to,
She is a world to be traveled, an ocean to be crossed,
The journey may be the means and the ends all at once.

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