You Only Drink Cocktails

ruby stains and cracks in thin vessels
blood circling rims atoms joining lip to tip
do you like your
wine as strong as me
deep red deep deep ocean seas never ending
her shores too far her waves too choppy to sit through
bitter on the teeth burning life into cold hardness
a hard kind of coolness in eyes swilling over the ripples
performance anxiety
cheap wine can only do so much for you
exotic only in sanctified origins and
stunning unpredictability
not quite as wholesome as your
favourite green tea
smooth on the tongue fills holes in your soul with
sunshine yellow and the taste of faraway places
she is like a journey to places hitherto unknown
fragile china worships every drop and your
lips the spiritual
who can go one day without their
God who melts away in the
fiery wake of rum
barreling down your throat burning into you
on her way to your sweet spot scorching nerve endings
what could anything ever be after her after that
first sip of rum your cells scream bloody murder
make way make way
everything after will be doused in the aftertaste
and you sit here
sipping 40 proof tea in broken wine glasses
dirty fingerprints marking your territory
mouth like a prison camp
eyes never telling whence the
tropical storm came nor
what it became.

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