The Unlovable Black Woman – A Fable.

she is a blinking red light.
a siren, wailing in the distance,
getting closer and closer, scratching at your eardrums,
deafening with its demand for your attention,
she is a bottomless lake.
she will pull you in, warm and full,
and down down drown you in the depths of
deep blue waters,
she is soil infertile.
efforts to feed you futile,
she barely has enough to soothe her own soul,
all her time is spent washing the blood of
mothers and aunties off her back,
she is tired…
too tired for anybody that can’t stand to
look her in the eyes while she is crying,
she is tired…
too tired to help grown men understand why it takes
extra care to hold a woman like her,
she is tired…
too tired to yell out warnings about
razor-sharp edges,
be careful! don’t slip!
move away from the fire!
you knew I was dangerous,
who sent you here anyway!


there is a magic
a cocktail of stardust and sunlight
a bronze-brown warmth once you make it past those black-grey walls
there is a softness, here
a wholeness
a Love

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 11.23.30 PM

Photo-Cred: Visuals from Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’.

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