Tears Seep through the Seat to the Tracks.

  1. mama. never told me. of the darkness. that comes in waves.
  2. (invisible)
  3. god breaks. my ribs. exposed.
  4. (red)
  5. sunshine glitters. at an angle. off brown skin.
  6. (glory)
  7. blinds. white ladies. next to me. on the train.
  8. (ugly)
  9. pills. jangle. in my purse.
  10. (therapy)
  11. one to feel. alive. one to guide. me to sleep.
  12. (suicide)
  13. to love me. is to roll. barbs. in your skin.
  14. (freefall)
  15. love me. anyway. i am honey. if you wait. long enough.
  16. (peace)
  17. maybe. i did. deserve it.
  18. (blood)
  19. splinters. in uterus. bruises. on belly.
  20. (flood)
  21. black girls. don’t. get depressed.
  22. (strong)
  23. body distorts. in cold air. on winter mornings.
  24. (anarchy)
  25. pain cracks. my skull. open.
  26. (flatline)
  27. white light. welcomes. me.
  28. (home)

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