manual on loving broken humans through the moments of their brokenness


  1. facilitate rest.
    – when they can not talk because they are too tired give them respite
    – allow stillness without loneliness
    – when weary of wearing their heart on them like a winter coat take it off them and store it gently
  2. build dependability.
    – be solid and unyielding for them to fall on when their knees give out
    – share freely of yourself before they have to ask
    – cherish tears like you do laughter and never allow them to feel as though it is just water now when they cry
  3. nurse as with illness.
    – offer chicken soup and tv shows and lilies and a warm shoulder
    – do not dismiss the healing power of hand holding
    – tend and be tender and love tenderly when they grow stiff from tending their own garden
  4. remind them why you are there.
    – show sometimes instead of telling because sometimes the telling is unconvincing
    – tell sometimes instead of showing because it is easy to forget
    – grow patterns and routines and traditions and initiate so give life to the union itself  and it never has to suffer neglect
  5. be genuine.
    – above all love in truth
    – do no not allow the feeling of burden to make a home in their minds
    – that will unravel all of the work that has been done thus love in totality or love not at all


Photo Credit: Yagazie Emezi

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