what’s your biggest fear?

what’s your biggest fear?
it’s an incredibly superfluous question if you really think about it,
because what else would you say other than the fear of everything you’ve ever wanted?
barreling at you too fast for you to adjust for,
lingering at the corner greeting every tom deena carly harry before you,
cramming into spaces too small for its long limbs and wide grin and
suffocating you suffocating you suffocating you,
what else beyond the stuff of your dreams?
all you were deathly afraid to say out loud because you were
scared the God you half believe in would be vindictive and snatch it away
for every time you half believed,
all you’ve ached for finally folding itself around your scorching skin –

what’s your biggest fear?
how supercilious of you all.
what else do you have room to be afraid of,
when love is all there is?

Photo Cred: http://www.enlightened-consciousness.com 

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