what’s your biggest fear?

what’s your biggest fear? it’s an incredibly superfluous question if you really think about it, because what else would you say other than the fear of everything you’ve ever wanted? barreling at you too fast for you to adjust for, lingering at the corner greeting every tom deena carly harry before you, cramming into spaces too […]

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Oh, But You Can Warsan.

There are a hundred things I can attribute to this. Maybe it’s the broken wine glass on my floor, Maybe it’s the unfinished prayer I started in the shower this morning, Ropes taken months to wind tight unravel in a sigh and I, Consumed, Catch it in the nick of time, Throw my body hanging […]

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1. Grey walls fold inwards like lotus flower petals, Pure. With that white-tinged face stroking your chin free of Traces of your glory, like you don’t have the right to be That full of light, Dread seeps in through cracks left under palm prints, Unnatural in their directionless swooping and abrupt ends, Arid air goes […]

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