ancient scripture

how do we exhume the stories that have died under our mothers’ tongues the veiled accusations in each i love you the pleas behind every what time will you be home i’ve watched grandmothers love their men and learned to listen for the whispers between the lines i’ve learned that this [black] love we worship so often relies on […]

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talks between our aunties

i have a lover that’s good to me, i wear my heart chained the way he likes, i do love him so, his favourite colours are black and blue. he likes to hold my chin when he kisses me, my ribs crack when i breathe him in, ii do love him so, his favourite colours […]

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ocean song

i ache in every place your hands have been feel the distance like a physical reminder of how learning to open to your honey and milk without relinquishing hold of myself had been like collecting water in a bucket made of salt crystals i had protected this softness for so long i had forgotten the […]

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writer’s block

i have poems lodged in my throat like a lump of tears or a stubborn ball of pap corks in my bottles of unthinkables i taste words that have gone bad matadors waving with reckless abandon i choke when i try to yell in my sleep dreaming of white coats and white dresses when i smile […]

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Back Pain

my b(l)ack is cracking, a makeshift thing, the kind you’d assemble out of scrap metal, broken pieces of trash and the grace of god, fused together by withered hands striped and shaking, my b(l)ack bleeds borrowed blood, blood borrowed from my Grandmothers’ broken bodies. my b(l)ack keeps on cracking, it does not belong to me, i […]

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