It calls to me through Vibrations in my body Tribal house beats The seduction of Southern African saxophones The ba-doom bap of the new age cool kids My bone marrow recognises rhythm Like an intimate lover Like the voice of a mother And when she calls Dance is release Dance is arrival Home.

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1. Grey walls fold inwards like lotus flower petals, Pure. With that white-tinged face stroking your chin free of Traces of your glory, like you don’t have the right to be That full of light, Dread seeps in through cracks left under palm prints, Unnatural in their directionless swooping and abrupt ends, Arid air goes […]

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You Only Drink Cocktails

ruby stains and cracks in thin vessels blood circling rims atoms joining lip to tip do you like your wine as strong as me deep red deep deep ocean seas never ending her shores too far her waves too choppy to sit through bitter on the teeth burning life into cold hardness a hard kind of […]

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