i could write pages and pages of poetry to capture the breadth of this thing talk of what we spar and laugh about for hours on hours on hours on hours i suppose i could soliloquise about this thing about the depths of learning and unlearning and with that i could say just how light and heady […]

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le cul entre deux chaises

the thing that hits you first is the smell a thickness i don’t know whether it’s the trees the collective breath of insects the alchemy of the Sun and Its people what i do know is it’s different here on cue my bones are denser my skin browns and sizzles my lips fuller glistening home […]

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Oh, But You Can Warsan.

There are a hundred things I can attribute to this. Maybe it’s the broken wine glass on my floor, Maybe it’s the unfinished prayer I started in the shower this morning, Ropes taken months to wind tight unravel in a sigh and I, Consumed, Catch it in the nick of time, Throw my body hanging […]

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The eye of a storm is the calmest, they say The eye of a storm is the safest Tell me Dartmouth – Where is your eye? Where do I go to breathe? To brown skin and feminine without Packs of hyenas trying to steal my secrets and Leave me for dead? Leave me gasping for […]

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