writer’s block

i have poems lodged in my throat like a lump of tears or a stubborn ball of pap corks in my bottles of unthinkables i taste words that have gone bad matadors waving with reckless abandon i choke when i try to yell in my sleep dreaming of white coats and white dresses when i smile […]

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Back Pain

my b(l)ack is cracking, a makeshift thing, the kind you’d assemble out of scrap metal, broken pieces of trash and the grace of god, fused together by withered hands striped and shaking, my b(l)ack bleeds borrowed blood, blood borrowed from my Grandmothers’ broken bodies. my b(l)ack keeps on cracking, it does not belong to me, i […]

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It calls to me through Vibrations in my body Tribal house beats The seduction of Southern African saxophones The ba-doom bap of the new age cool kids My bone marrow recognises rhythm Like an intimate lover Like the voice of a mother And when she calls Dance is release Dance is arrival Home.

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